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Capabilities – Packaging Management

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Product packages generally ‘live’ in different types of locations. This creates an issue in tracking and managing packaging. Products managed by a warehouse management system and the locations therein they are located are confined to the four walls of the warehouse and possibly, with advanced warehouse. In the “real” world, a package may move through multiple warehouses and across the globe within an extensive network of “touch” points or transient locations. Providing location data collection to “feed” the package location database of a package management system is more complex than warehouse management systems.

With the advent of RFID tags and Real-Time Locating System (RTLS), pinpoint location management for many types of packaging within the “virtual warehouse” have become a reality. With RTLS technology an asset can be identified with an RFID tag and multiple antennas / readers used to “triangulate” the location of an asset within a few feet.

The convergence of advancements in technology, market demands and the globalization of logistics has lead to the emergence of a new supply chain execution applications area; packaging management systems. As packaging management systems suppliers expand and integrate with other supply chain solutions to fill out their functional capabilities we should see true global asset identification, management and optimization capabilities. Combined with existing industry initiatives such as pooling package management systems will become a more globally accepted and critical technology.