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In today's world, packaging and freight are generally the second largest cost drivers. TriEnda has a rich history of developing innovative solutions to help customers reduce these sometimes hidden costs.

Returnable packaging is designed to reduce repeat shipment costs between locations, ensure that expensive parts are not damaged during shipment, and provide a low cost one-way shipping alternative to wood, especially for overseas shipments.

Our returnable and one-way products are applied in a wide range of industries and product shipping methods. TriEnda's products are found in the automotive, industrial, chemical, agriculture, wholesale/retail, pharmaceutical, grocery, export, textile, and many other, industries.

If you're shipping from a distribution center, our nine-legged, nestable DC Series pallets are proven winners. Our Self-Palletized Big Pak product line, which features the largest industry-size product range, is ideal when moving in-process and finished goods in a closed loop system. The mirror image pallet and cover, along with collapsible corrugated paper or polyethylene sleeves, are ideally constructed for reducing warehouse space, lowering shipment product damage, and optimizing return trip costs.

We have provided a cost-effective option in response to the new international shipping regulations that require special treatment of wood pallets with our patented 40x48 low-profile product. If the returnable application is a special part that needs protection from damage, Trienda engineers have a proven track record in providing innovative solutions. We are an industry leader in thermoforming single and twin sheet polyethylene and other engineering resins, and our products will meet the rigors of today's shipping environment.

TriEnda is an ISO 9001; 2008 Standard approved engineering and manufacturing organization. To support many customers global needs, we have marketing partnerships in many foreign locations.

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